Property Managing Services in Raleigh, NC

We have nine full-time professionals dedicated exclusively to Property Management who will serve as your eyes, ears and local representative to ensure your property operates efficiently and effectively.  Our goal as your representative is two fold… to protect your investment and to maximize your return on investment.

Rental Contract Compliancesigning a form for property management services in Raleigh, NC

  • Correspondence and discussions between you and your tenant are handled by us, on your behalf, saving you time.
  • Our standard lease requires your tenant to abide by all rules and regulations of the homeowner’s association. Through working directly with your HOA, we will enforce rules and regulations to keep your property up to par with the neighborhood standards and thus help you avoid fines.
  • At the end of the lease we will complete a move-out inspection, assess damages, charge your tenant where appropriate, and disperse security deposits with itemizations as required by law. No need for you to worry! We will complete the transaction in accordance with all North Carolina Real Estate rules & law.


One of our workers performing property managing services in Raleigh, NC.Maintenance Arrangements

  • We will address and follow up on maintenance requests in a timely manner… whether received via phone, through Block & Associates’ on-line service request form, or from our after-hours emergency pager.
  • Our Preferred Vendors work with us extensively at very competitive rates…   AND, we do not make a profit off of any vendor charges.  In addition, we troubleshoot maintenance issues with your tenant on the phone (before we call a vendor), often avoiding the need for a service call.  These things save you money!
  • Move-In and Move-Out property inspection and written report at beginning and end of each lease by a third party independent inspector.



keeping track of investment property in Raleigh, NCAccounting

  • Monthly statements including copies of paid invoices and year-end statements are provided to help keep your finances organized.  This also will help your tax preparer maximize your tax deductions
  • Certain bills can paid on behalf of our Landlords at NO EXTRA CHARGE, including warranty renewals and repair invoices.
  • Your tenants are invoiced monthly and in timely fashion for any past due rents, late fees and any other outstanding charges. We track all this so that you do not have to!


collecting rent for your investment property in Raleigh, NCRent Receipt

  • We receive the rent due and distribute your net rent through monthly deposits (or mailings).  We also make every effort to minimize special tenant requests regarding payments or payment dates.
  • We are not attorneys, but our years of experience allow us to share our knowledge regarding landlord/tenant law. Eviction proceedings are filed monthly at a secured, negotiated rate through a local real estate attorney who only represents landlords.
  • If there ever are any unpaid debts, they are reported to credit bureaus in an attempt to further collect any outstanding debt owed to you by your tenant.


One of our professionals offering property management services in Raleigh, NCAssociated Cost

  • We charge a competitive percentage of the monthly rent (or $80.00 minimum/month for modest properties)  to manage your investment property.
  • Vacant Management – If your property is vacant at the end of a lease, we are happy to continue management at a flat fee of $80.00 per month!  Vacant management includes utility connections made by us in our name, and our handling maintenance arrangements such as lawn care, HOA requests, etc. These services will be paid from your maintenance fund. Additionally, we will perform monthly inspections and notify you of our findings.   All this will save you time and protect your property!
  • Renewals – Leases that are renewed on managed properties are renewed by your rental agent for a modest $150 charge (and this includes an interim inspection).  We do our best to help maximize your return on investment!

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